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Stainless Steel Fittings

Product Type Sizes  
Butterfly Valves   Butterfly Valve
Standard Butterfly Valves 15mm - 150mm
Ball Valves   Ball Valve
1 piece Ball Valve 6mm - 100mm
3 piece Ball Valve 6mm - 100mm
Unions   Unions
BSP Unions 6mm - 50mm
Weld On Unions 20mm - 150mm
Non Return Valves    
Flap Types 15mm - 50mm Non Return Valves
Weld On 15 - 150mm
Fittings   dairy bends
Dairy Bends 6mm - 150mm
Tees 6mm - 150mm
Pipes   Pipes
Schedule 10 6mm - 150mm
Dairy Tubes   Dairy Tubes
Standard 6mm - 150mm
Pipe Clamps   Clamps
Standard 20mm - 150mm
Flanges   Flanges
Standard 20mm - 250mm
Reducers   Concentric Reducer
Cone all sizes available
Reducing Bushes   Reducing Bushes
Gasket type (Food Grade) 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 6mm

Product Range

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